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Visualization of Unfair Chickenizer by IosifChezan
Visualization of Unfair Chickenizer
Sample of my submission Unfair Chickenizer - Hearthstone Goblins vs.Gnomes as a Hearthstone card.

...Finally an act of justice for the poor Angry Chicken thirst to manifest! :)

All the rights of the Hearthstone card pattern I use belongs to Blizzard.
Unfair Chickenizer - Hearthstone Goblins vs.Gnomes by IosifChezan
Unfair Chickenizer - Hearthstone Goblins vs.Gnomes
Mana cost:4,
Attack/Life: 3/3
Battlecry: Turn a random enemy minion into a friendly Angry Chicken with Divine Shield.

(... Finally an act of justice for the hopeless Angry Chicken thirst to manifest! :)  )

[download for full view]
Visualization as a possible Hearthstone card : Visualization of Unfair Chickenizer
Vision gift from the peaks of my soul... by IosifChezan
Vision gift from the peaks of my soul...
[download for full view]

This is the gift for my little children, David and Alexandra: a short story named "Tale of Butterflies and Worms" in which they are the main characters, shaping them as inspiring heroes of my mind. They venture inside a magic universe where the Beauty and the Grotesque of the world  are symbolically personified. They are pushed through a series of meaningful  quests and adventures to conquest their own awareness and inner nobility, shifting between two symbolic dimensions:
    The first is the world of Worm-Emperor of Egoism with servants as Deception, Tyranny, or Greed, each of those commanding lower servants as Ignorance... Poverty, Avarice and Lust... Terror and Cruelty, Fury, Hate and Envy...  and Death.   
    The second dimension is the catharsis world of Pure-Heart (the father of the David and Alexandra) hidden in a book away of the  any savagery or blind power. There are places like:
- The Tower-up-to-the-Sky springing down a living water (symbol of inspiration, hope and cure of fear)... 
- The Tree of Life and Abundance (symbol of unlimited resources) ...
- The Forest with Portals to the Living Stories of Passed Times (symbol of human civilization and knowledge inheritance,  of education and wisdom)...
- The Stars of Unborn Worlds (symbol of freedom to manifest subjectively and of inner satisfaction)...
- The Arena of Imagination inside the Amphitheatre of Creativity (symbol of shared and combined creative powers of humanity as a whole )

I will add here a small part where they are prepared to enter inside a story portal as depicted above (the translation in english is mine, so excuse the possible clumsiness):
<< There, somewhere deep in the heart of the forest, the violaceous light was bursting around from anywhere, bathing with temptation the charmed looks of two children in front of one of the portals.

    Bas-reliefs of lights and shadows were dancing in the violet of portal, as if would try to escape before being dragged back inside, conceiving in their struggle unearthly monsters spreading terror and fearless knights fighting to the death… grandiose castles and ruins in flames… glitters of dazzling treasures and heavy chains on human’s necks… wings of light and twirls of darkness… butterflies and worms. On the rock from which the light of portal was springing, there were deeply carved the words: “The story of Pure-Heart and Worm Emperor, or about the dark side of humans”

    With bathing eyes inside the waters of curiosity and thirst for knowledge, the two children were remembering past journeys through other portals with living stories, telling about unimagined wonders of the human world… about love and sacrifice, honesty and justice… about enlightened men with beautiful souls, bearing love and understanding for humanity. Sometimes on the contrary, the stories were narrating about unimaginable horrors and shameful deeds of men, staining their existence into the world… about untruth and injustice, wars and hate… about bloodthirsty kings and oppressed nations,  ruined lives and ingratitude. All these and many others were weaved inside the guiding living stories beyond the charmed violet curtains of the portals, alluring to be discovered and understood.

    “-Let’s go, David, let’s enter the portal!”, incited the girl with little raised eyebrows of impatience and happiness.

    “-Very well, Alexandra! Let’s dive into the portal, dear sister, as in a dream, and we would let ourselves enfolded in a new story to understand its wisdom”, whispered the glowing boy with smiling eyes, then both stepped inside.

    -I bid you welcome,… Come, dare!, sounded an unseen voice, deep and warm as that of a grandfather’s  aside his nephews, whispering with a smile on his lips a bedtime story. I am Mnemos, the spirit of Stories from the Stone Forest, and I will guide you through the tale of Pure Heart and the Worm Emperor. In other stories you probably would have heard of the world’s beauties, about the artistry and ingenuity of men… how some could be kind-hearted, generous, forgiving and understanding, and others could be black-hearted, greedy, full of wickedness, malevolence and deception. But have you ever asked yourself what could be the root of evil in human beings, what causes the division, what brakes the friendship, what ravels the love, what turns humans in bloodthirsty monsters full of greed and deceit ? Have you asked yourself why harmony does not hold over humans but very rarely, even then with a certain end? Well, let’s search with open mind for at least a part of the answer to all these. It is said that once upon a time…, and while the words were springing as a caress upon their ears, the two children suddenly felt as their legs were getting off the ground into a soft floating, and vivid scenes began to come forth alive in front of their eyes. >>

The tools i used are Photoshop and A4 tablet (and as i write my mind is invaded of a magical sensation... imagining what an artistic bliss could be while painting on a Wacom Cintique surface... well,  yet an untouched goal... )
My entry for "What does your artistic journey look like? " contest.

All my good vibes to all of you! :)
Inside the soul-tree of my artistic yearning by IosifChezan
Inside the soul-tree of my artistic yearning

Here I am, "the noble knight of my mind", riding a unicorn with wings of waiting to fulfill dreams matter … glimpsing beyond the Soul-Tree magic bark of my past and future artistic journey, deep into its very soul…

Hands of bark open way to artistic dimensions from which the soul is feasting or longing for to experience.

I see first the SCULPTURE Shrine, where I try to carve with hands and will harmonious shapes to mind and body…  and daring winged visions.

The Shrine of MUSIC I see next, a place of healing and inspiration that words or images do not have tools to describe the feeling… there I humbly try to vibrate strings, touch keys, or blend the notes with creativity in my deep desire to manifest artistically more whole.

The PAINTING Shrine reveals now as a familiar sanctuary, where my mind always rejuvenated after merciless battles in the arena of life… Here my veins bleed away the red color of life in war, and fill themselves with traditional or digital rainbows of life in beauty.

Not far I see the Shrine of LITERATURE with so much legacy of what means to be human, or to aspire to be more… An endless dimension where I sip inspiration, stirring the urge to give something back… to add a gift of written words.

The Shrine of THEATRE raises as a tempting place to experience from within, even if until now I only admired and got inspired from afar.

The rainbow portal of CINEMA Shrine thrones in my dreams with the most alluring light… What a blend of beauty, knowledge, wisdom and inspiration could be weaved with this majestic way of conveying music, alive painting and spoken literature into a whole of awe… I dream to reach the tools to manifest myself through this incredible technology of ecstasy.

Aside Cinema, in my vision is laid the symbol of Virtual Reality’s Epic Universes of possibilities to manifest in creatively… I  will try to venture to that portal to create more then only digital painting. l

And further… yess… further I dare to keep open stairs towards stars and yet uninvented demiurge ways of artistic creativity… I imagine that in future, everything could be redesigned to an unimagined better world by specialists who think, see and act also beneath a halo of artistry.  

I must humbly add a link to an entry that impressed me, in its artistic blend of image and deep description : A Path for All Things   Paying a visit there would be at least an intense feeling...


Iosif Ioan Chezan
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
To REQUEST a new DIGITAL PAINTING or to PURCHASE non-exclusive LICENCE for already painted illustrations, feel free to note me here or CONTACT me at:

As about me, I was born in Transilvania and gifted from childhood with 'humble' talent in visual arts - trying to live an 'artistic embrace' in the ethereal arms of few minds so dear to me, helping me in exploring beyond matter, towards beautiful and celestial. I am a traditional and digital painter living only by my art.

My studdies relate to philosophy, theology, traditional and digital art, design and inner decoration.

Current Residence: Oradea, Romania
Favourite genre of music: symphonic metal, gothic, or any kind of music i would instinctively feel "catharsis effect" :)
Favourite style of art: fantasy
Personal Quote: Undress the earthly weakness and let your mind shape into forms like a true demiurge that you are

Tyrant undying mind...

Tue Oct 30, 2012, 2:26 PM

...  in the end of human experiences of such large palette, a soft bitter " :) " ... and a river of untold words...  and a tyrant thought climbing its meaning inside skull walls :
"... I will revive you, so few dear and majestic life forms of human accident... i will fill you with living meaning again into my own heaven... somewhere, some day, some way..."

  • Mood: Sympathy
  • Listening to:
  • Reading: stars and dices...
  • Watching: beyond safe grounds
  • Playing: morphing mud
  • Eating: meaning limbs
  • Drinking: water of once souls...

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